I came across Freedom From Crime. Essentially, it’s a proposed scheme for private crime insurance.
The blurb rises (sinks?) to Daily Wail standards in making you feel frightened and insecure (original spelling and grammar):

As Britain grows into the twenty first century, many of us will have had the benefit of education, careers and of bringing a family into this world. Unfortunately Britains newspapers and media are continually making celebrities and then bringing them down, politicians are making the same noises they always made and councils attempt to fine anything that moves meanwhile happy slapping and insipid encouragement of crime is continuing along with what appears to be a backlash againgst women in business if the papers are to be believed. With courts deciding to focus on financial problems and in faveour of legal costs it seems that happy people face a dim future if they want to be successful. With this in mind a new alternative is on its way.

but doesn’t say a lot about what you’ill be getting for your money beyond this:

it is private crime insurance bringing private prosecutions againgst the perpetrator with claims for damages and losses to genuine cases additionally where assault or violence has been used it will provide for an injunction, 24/7 emotional support and physical protection where need be.

Curious about who was behind this initiative, I did a Whois lookup. And found this:

Domain name:


Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
81 Newgate Street
Greater London

Register.com Inc t/a British Telecom [Tag = BTNAMES]
URL: http://www.btconnect.com

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 04-Dec-2007
Renewal date: 04-Dec-2009
Last updated: 04-Dec-2007

81 Newgate Street is the address of BT’s HQ. Are BT aware that they are the registered owners of this site, I wonder?