Saw Doc G on Friday. My tests all come up clear – I appear to be perfectly healthy (apart from the angina and the hypothyrodism…). Even my pee is healthy. So, I wanted to know just why I keep waking up with headaches and get so tired all the time?
How about sleep apnea? When he explained it, it sounded likely – heavy snoring (check), shallow, disturbed sleep (check), occasional waking up gasping for air (check), naturally narrow sinuses (check). So I’ve been given a steroid nasal spray to use on my sinuses at bedtime. I tried it last night, and yes, I had quite a good night’s sleep, with no headache.
So I’ll keep on with it.

But I am rather disappointed with such a mundane – nay, plebian – explanation for my symptoms. I was rather hoping that I had some mysterious, medically inexplicable ailment; an illness that would make me glamourously pale, thin and wan. Something that would eventually see me lying in a silken nightie with my blonde tresses spread o’er down pillows; and at my bedside, an old lover would kneel, holding my chilled and tiny hand and sobbingly begging forgiveness for dumping me for that bitch Christina in 1971…..

Nope, sleep apnea just doesn’t cut it….