Got my computer back, for the time being. Our super new printer has run out of toner, and it will be a few days before we can get some more. So B can’t do any printing for now.
I’ve got a motherboard for B’s computer on order, should be here by the end of the week. Then I’ll be moving my computer back upstairs. The original plan, last August, was for me to move my computer out of the office (aka the third bedroom) and down to here in the hall and for B to move in all of his printing operation out of our bedroom and into the office. However, the new printer is a monster – a refurbished office machine weighing over 80kg. There is no way that we can get it up the stairs; even if we did, I doubt the floor would hold it. So the printing operation is now downstairs, with the computer on the old kitchen table and the printer blocking the doorway of the understairs cupboard (B has put it on a wheeled platform, but its still a bit of a b*gger to move).
I don’t especially want to move back to the office, now I’ve had a couple of days on my computer down here. The hallway is comfortably wide, and I can watch the telly from here. And I can talk to B and anybody else who comes by. Upstairs in the office, it’s a bit lonely and cut off.
But I’ll have to move.

Anyway, I’ve been getting on with stuff here. I’ve updated the Oakleaf Circle events calender and I’m getting on with a long-term calender project that may end up making me money sometime late next year. And I can get on with updating the Astrological Association’s Diary page as well.
All this productive work has been making me feel good.