Finally got round to updating this blog to the very latest release of WordPress. It’s something I’ve been putting off forever, because my experience with upgrading is that it is horribly slow and liable to go horribly wrong. For this reason, I am not looking forward to upgrading to XP; backing up everything beforehand will take me at least a day, and installing XP and reinstalling everything else will take take at least another day.
But WordPress, happily, is not an M$ product! Yes, I backed up my blog beforehand – in fact, I backed up the whole damm website, not just the database. That took maybe fifteen minutes. Deleting the files on the server that needed deleting took maybe twenty seconds. Uploading all the new WP files took maybe two minutes. Browsing to the upgrade page, clicking on the “upgrade now” button and waiting for the “upgrade successful” message took a total of maybe 10 seconds.
Seventeen minutes and 30 seconds total. And no problems whatsoever.

Now I’ll look at installing a new theme (skin); I’m getting bored with this one.

UPDATE: I love this new theme. It looks so nice that I think I’ll keep ads out of it.
The header photo is one of mine, fussed around with in photoshop – yes it is a photo taken from one of the nearby hills.
I’m going off the idea of plastering bloody ads in every coner of every site I run anyway. I’ve been trying out affiliate advertising/Adsense for over a year, and I’ve made almost nothing. People can make money from affiliate ads, but it means having loads of sites, buying feed scripts, developing templates, spending all your time tweaking and refining….
And ads always mess up good designs. I’ve found several Worpress designs made for Adsense, but with nearly all of them, you can’t read the text for the ads. So I might put in one or two small ads, ones that won’t clash horribly with the design. Or maybe none at all.