A Modest Poposal….

…that Cabinet Ministers, before being appointed, should have to pass a test demonstrating some basic knowledge of how this whole internet thingie actually works. We might then be spared the pathetic sight of a Home Secretary announcing that he has a surefire method of keeping track of the online activities of paedophiles.
It would appear that John Reid’s recent shakeup of his department has included getting rid of any civil servants with the expertise – or balls – to tell him that this idea is incapable of being implemented.

On the other hand…
It demonstrates to the voters the Government is Doing Something about Evil Paedophiles (and Doing Something about anything at all is always a useful tactic when the polls are showing that your party is headed for the opposition benches); and it’s taking a little attention away from The Dear Leader’s current little problem.
I wonder what new exciting Government initative is sheduled for tommorow?

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  1. I’ve been pondering a related proposal – that the government ministers concerned with a policy that they claim has some kind of scientific basis be made to demonstrate it before the policy is implemented. I have in mind the rules regarding liquids on aircraft which are there to protect us against the scientifically impossible, but I’m sure there are many other examples (mostly in the name of Doing Something, I bet).