….groan. Got loads of stuff to get on with. This morning, I’ve been working on the redesign of the Oakleaf Circle site, copying over hundreds of URLs.
And checking them, as well. I’ve got a useful little freeware program that checks links, but it can only tell me if a link is dead or not. It can’t tell me, for instance, when a domain name has changed hands and the site turned into a link farm; nor can it tell me if an online business has shut up shop and kept the site going with a “Closed” notice on the front page. So every link has to be checked manually.
Which I wish more people would do! Checking my site stats, I notice that a regular 5%-10% of visitors come from the redirect at the old Geocities Oakleaf Circle site. That one was abandoned nearly four years ago, when I bought the Oakleaf Circle domain name and got a properly hosted site. So somebody, somewhere still has that URL listed on their directory pages.
I could do a linksearch, find them and tell them about the change. But if they can’t be arsed to spend a couple of hours a year checking and updating their links, why should I bother?