Kevin Leitch has been digging up evidence of a growing alliance between the Unification Church (AKA“The Moonies”) and Scientology.
What Kevin has uncovered so far sounds a lot like the working alliances that sometimes spring up between certain types of anti-porn feminists and fundamentalist religious groups. In this case, it’s not fear and loathing of porn that unites the Moonies and the Hubbardistas; both are both firmly agin most modern Western medicine in general and vaccination in particular. (In this case, they are pushing the “mercury militia” agenda – that claim that mercury in vaccines causes autism. Explaining why this claim is so wrong would take another post; read through Kevin’s blog – he’s the father of an autistic child and an advocate of autism rights – to find out more.)
The aforementioned anti-porn alliances have never lasted much longer than a single campaign – both groups have entirely different aims otherwise. However we should not be so complacent about these two religious groupings getting together. Both are very rich, very powerful organisations with capital sunk into their respective “alternative” medical treatments and a thirst for yet more power and political influence. Seeing them getting together is not a nice prospect.