…is one of my perpetual problems. The work will be piling up, people will be shouting at me on the phone that they need it NOW. And I’ll be wasting hours – no, days – surfing the internet, telling myself tht I’ll buckle down and do it – sometime. I’ll get it done, eventually, but it will be late, poorly organised and full of mistakes.
So, I was gratified to learn that I’m not alone. Dean Hunt is a fellow procrastinator, and has written a blog post about it. He’s offered a couple of tips which he says have proved useful. I’ll be trying them out!

Because now, I have another stretch of can’t-be-put-off-anymore work coming up. There’s the July edition of Transit to get ready. Plus, I want to convert one of my other sites to WordPress, which will entail a fair bit of customising. And I have to put together a new version of the Elfin Diaries site.
This year, I’m giving it a complete overhaul. I have to keep on using that dreadfully buggy, JS-heavy ecommerce software but it’s only needed for the shopping area, which can be shoved into a sub-directory. For the rest of the site, I intend to use standards-compliant PHP pages, so that I can make use of includes and other dynamic content. And, of course, if somebody accesses the site with a non-JS-enabled browser, the whole thing won’t fall over.

Well, I’d better start using Dean’s tips, and get to work….