Well, it’s all change round here. Son has now moved into Trevor’s place and is busy making it into a home. And a new couple will be moving into Graham’s house next week.
They are Sue & Bob – we apparently know them from our time in Preston, but we met so many people at the moots we organised there that we remember few of them clearly.
Anyway, S&B came up on Friday and stayed over until Sunday, cleaning the place and getting a few things in. I’m afraid I inadvertantly snubbed them, on Sunday – it was on my walk back from the village with my Sunday paper, I was sitting down for a while on the bench outside the golf club resting, reading and enjoying the sunshine. This couple walked past, greeted me, said “lovely day” etc. and I just more or less grunted a reply and went back to reading, thinking that they were just tourists. Later, at home, they drove by on their way out and waved at me – then I realised who they were. Too late to apologise, so I shall have to make it up to them when they move in.

Got some pics of Andy & John showing off their muscles and being all manly with their big choppers – will post them soon on my Flckr blog.
(BTW, they were chopping wood. What did you think I meant??)