…Courtesy of The Religious Policeman, here’s some blasphemous emoticons!

1. Rotate your screen 90 degrees to the right.
2. Don’t forget to take that coffee cup off first. Oops, too late, should have made that instruction 1.
3. Read the emoticons. What do they say? Try not to drool on the keyboard.
4. Rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left.
5. If your mouse has turned into a crab, you missed instruction 4.

Here they are:

Muhammad (((:~{>

Muhammad playing Little Orphan Annie (((8~{>

Muhammad as a pirate (((P~{>

Muhammad on a bad turban day ))):~{>

Muhammad with sand in his eye(((;~{>

Muhammad wearing sunglasses (((B~{>

Muhammad giving the raspberry. (((:~{P>

Giving Muhammad the raspberry. ;-P

So, are they blasphemous? I haven’t a clue, in Quran class, I was the one who used to skip to the back to see if it had a happy ending. So I asked the Imam. Here was his answer:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear Brother,Asalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu –

I pray that this message reaches you in increasing iman and wellbeing.

If these so-called “emoticons” remain just a collection of symbols, then that is all they are; they are devoid of meaning and significance.
On the other hand if, in the same way that :) turns into :), it turns into a likeness of the Prophet (PBUH), then it would indeed be a grievous sin to type them or indeed to look at them, and you would be condemned to the eternal tortures of Hell.

But first, we would come and burn your house down.

I pray that Allah Most High grants for you the path of success in this and every matter.

And Allah Knows Best.

So there’s your answer, No naughty emoticons.