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The News You Didn’t See

Review: The Nicholas Cases

The Nicholas Cases: Casualties of Justice by Bob Woffinden In 2006 I was the editor of a tiny astrological magazine and one of my regular contributors sent in an article about the Lady in The Lake murder. Briefly: teacher Gordon Park was convicted of the murder of his wife Carol; she had disappeared in 1976 […]

A Bit of Politics….

Take a look at this picture. It’s from an LJ comm for Russian-speaking Israeli soldiers engaged in the current Gaza offensive (found via a comment on Lenins Tomb). The blog’s all in Russian, so I’ve looked at the pictures. This one, for me, really epitomises the obscenity of the war. A grinning Israeli soldeier sits […]

Musings and thoughts and gardening…..

Well, it’s finally stopped raining – I’ve done no gardening done since Sunday. Didn’t manage any gardening yesterday, probably won’t do any today either – yesterday I got my new hard drive and spent the whole day just installing everything; I’m still dont finished, still got to copy over all my music and pictures, plus […]

Feeling Good…

Hmmm… The drugs do work! Well, so far. I’m feeling cheerful and energetic, and generally much happier and healthier than I’ve been for bloody ages. I’ll have to tell Doc G about it – he’ll be pleased that something he’s prescribed for me is finally working. So I’ve really been charging ahead with work – […]

The Devil came to Jersey……

In February / March, the newspapers were full of horrified speculation about the uncovering of decades of abuse at the Haut de la Garenne childrens’ home, with former residents telling their stories of brutality and rape ther. There were even bodies buried there, said some. Police started digging, a dog trained to sniff out cadavers […]

People Are Weird (Pt. 2,780,009)

Man who had sex with bike in court A man has been placed on the sex offenders’ register after being caught trying to have sex with a bicycle. Robert Stewart was discovered in his room by two cleaners at the Aberley House Hostel in Ayr, south west Scotland, in October last year. On Wednesday Mr […]

The New Danger From Global Warming

Zoo Knudsen has discovered a hitherto undiscovered consequence of Global Warming: Homeopathic Scientist Reveals Oceans May Soon be Diluted to Dangerous Levels

Compare and Contrast:

Terrorists in Court (1) : This week a storythat made the front page in all the national press: a British Muslim pleaded guilty to “plotting mass murder through a series of terrorist outrages in the UK and the US“ In one of the few major successes for anti-terrorist investigators since September 11, Dhiran Barot, 34, […]

The ScHNEWS News

Some of the news you didn’t see last week, from SchNEWS MISSILE DEFIANCE – VICTORY AS EDO INJUNCTION TRIAL MISFIRES Another blow struck for free speech in Sussex. The nasty little stitch up between Sussex Police, arms dealers EDO MBM and protest bashing lawyer Timothy Lawson Cruttenden (see SchNEWS 492, 471) to crush dissent has […]

SchNEWS 20/01/06

This weeks’ news you don’t see in the tabloids, courtesy of SchNEWS SIGN ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND Apparently David Blunkett was decidedly mellow when it came to Incapacity Benefits cuts, at least he was compared to new Work & Pensions secretary John Hutton (weekly salary: £2,600). This week Hutton outlined his plans to introduce a […]