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Hard Sun review

“It’s as if Luther, Line of Duty and Utopia all went to the pub together, emerged several hours later, steaming, and decided to form a supergroup.” Guardian review That was pretty much my feeling at the end of this 6-part drama that was first shown in 2018. Hard Sun is 3 parts sci-fi/apocalypse, 3 parts […]

More Thoughts

This post is a sort of run-on from the last. I had a bit of a rant there about how “diverse” characters (and I’m not talking just about trans) shouldn’t be shoehorned into a creative work without justification. Welp, I wasn’t really expecting to have my point proved so quickly. I’ve just finished reading Gareth […]

A Book Review (with diverse diversions)

Just finished John Scalzi’s Old Mans War. It’s now been out for 15 years and is one of those books that everyone who knows SF says you ought to read. So I finally did. Clearly a homage to Robert Heinlein, it’s not a bad read at all – I only skipped a few pages, near […]

Mr Mercedes S1 Review

WARNING: SPOILERS APLENTY So, having dealt with Designated Survivor (which didn’t survive), I’ve been watching the first series of Mr Mercedes. I loved the book and was interested to see what sort of mess the adaptation would turn out to be. Up till now, I’ve seen screen adaptations of eight King works – The Shining, […]

Designated Survivor review Pt 2

SPOILERS AHEAD Well, I’ve carried on watching and have now finished Ep 15 (of 22). I’m not really excited about it, but I’ve paid for the whole series so I’m determined to get my money’s worth. Besides, I am mildly curious about how the story will pan out. The US has turned out some excellent […]

Designated Survivor review Pt 1

CONTAINS SPOILERS I only learned about this US TV series when I saw a post on Twitter about a trailer for the second series, which featured a shot of one of the characters sitting in a London cafe. This trailer followed the time-hallowed Hollywood convention of using signifiers of typical English life – in this […]

So Last Night…..

….having another bout of insommnia, I stayed up. With nothing much on the TV, I resorted to my usual nighttime amusement of watching CNN with the sound turned off, trying to guess what they’re talking about purely from what’s on the screen. The culture divide and the insular nature of US news can make it […]

Just Had A Bit of Fun…

….with a spammer. Got this one this morning (URL munged so they don’t get any google goodness): Hi, I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Eddie Brown, very nice to meet you. I’m SEO expert working at iSEO Traffic. I came across while making a research for one of my partners […]

Dr Who News

The new Doctor’s companion has just been announced. – and she looks about 15.. Which fits in, I suppose, with a Doctor Who who looks no more than seventeen. Now I’m sure it’s not me that’s getting old and thinking that all the latest Doctor Whos look terribly young – don’t they look really young […]