Bluebell shoots

Bluebell shoots in the woods - a sign of spring!

So I’ve been having medical problems again. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting dry, gritty eyes; within a couple of days, I could barely see – everything was blurry and bright lights made my eyes hurt. Naturally, I couldn’t do anything on the computer – I managed to snatch 20 minutes or so a couple of times a day, just to read my emails. Just to do that, I had to increase the text-size on my monitor, as well as using the zoom function on web pages.
After a week, things started getting better, slowly. By that time I had run out of eyedrops, so I trotted along to Doc G for a diagnosis. He reassured me that it wasn’t an infection, but simply my old dry-eye problem. I’d had only the one occurrence of this, years ago; it seemed odd for it to suddenly come back and he couldn’t explain it.
On my way out, I mentioned my increased tachycardia attacks and episodes of irregular heartbeats. Lucky that I did; he immediately took my blood pressure and found it was very high – he mentioned 170 over something. Which is Not Good.
Last month, I had my annual blood test to determine my thyroxine level; this time, it was on the low side, so I’m now certain that low thryoid is causing most of my current symptoms, including the dry eyes and the HBP. But, I have to wait until I get a second reading in May. If I start feeling worse (I’m now getting my old morning headaches again – another symptom of HBP), I may just start self-medicating with an extra dose of levothyroxine every other day.
But atm, I’m doing extra daily exercise. I spend far too much time every day slumped in front of the computer or on the sofa, so I’m trying to get in a daily walk. I have to go back next week for a further blood pressure reading; I’m extremely reluctant to take any more pills, and exercise is recommended for getting BP down. So, yesterday, I walked up the hill and over the top, through the woods – my first time this year. I’d taken my camera and managed to get in some shots, including the encouraging sight of bluebell shoots poking through last autumn’s leaves. Three buzzards spent much of the time circling overhead, calling to each other; a persistent call from some bird or beast echoed through the trees – it sounded like a crow with a very sore throat. Could have been a fox, could have been a jackdaw.
I returned much refreshed. But my knees complained later….
Oh well.