For me, the big event of the day was an exact astrological opposition between Uranus and Saturn. So I’ve avoided getting involved in any celestial pile-ups by spending my time at the pooter, struggling to get to grips with Joomla. My long-awaited Building Websites With Joomla 1.5 arrived last week, but I was too busy before to make a start on it.
It’s translated from the German, not altogether perfectly. So there are some awkwardnesses and strange phraseology – “barrier freedom” in particular puzzled me, until I worked out that it was what the Germans call Web Accessibility. But overall, it looks like a very good buy, and I’m now busy getting the Oakleaf Circle website converted to Joomla.

Oh, yes, and there’s some sort of election going on, I think…

Think I’ll have a listen to some Einstuerzende Neubauten – gloomy Germanic post-industrial rock seems to fit my mood a lot lately (I blame Saturn).