At first glance, Fairdeal Homeopathy looks pretty much like any other site selling homeopathic remedies – “Natural products to help you feel better about yourself” proclaims the front page, over a picture of flowers, leaves and a pill bottle. But just read the blurb inside:

FairDeal Homeopathy is a company set up to provide you with effective* homeopathic remedies at a fair price. Unlike many homeopathic companies and practitioners, we won’t lie to you either…..
…..Homeopathy works through a complicated interaction with the human body and mind known as the “placebo effect”. The placebo effect is still not fully understood, but is very effective for certain conditions…..
…..FairDeal Homeopathy can be used to treat any self-limiting condition. Examples include non-specific aches and pains, mild headache, unlikely allergies and intolerances, implausible phobias, vague nausea, surprising bruises, UDIs and most other conditions for which your GP may find difficult to give you an instant cure.

And so on; they even specifically tell you to go to your doctor if you’re really ill.
And if you still want a homeopathic cure after reading that, they will sell you one:

FairDeal Homeopathy will supply you with a carefully prepared homeopathic preparation. Carefully selected ingredients are diluted and shaken (homeopaths call this shaking process “succussion”) beyond the level where there is any active ingredient left in the solution. This “remedy” is then dripped onto sugar pills which are mailed out to you immediately. We’ll also send you some information on homeopathy in general.

Now, what could be fairer than that?