Decision time…..

So, spent most of the evening designing my new site. The results are here (the links aren’t working yet). I quite like it…
Still haven’t decided where I’m going to keep this blog. Shoving it onto a new domain would be the simplest answer, but I’m worried about the expense of hosting; putting it onto a subdomain here wouldn’t cost anything extra, but I’m not sure how to go about moving it. Moving it to a subdomain would probably be exactly the same as moving it to another domain, but how about the MySQL database? Would that have to be reconfigured? Hmmm, got to research this…..
And what about my astrology services? Where would I put that page? To be honest, much as I like the theory, I’m not that committed to be a practicing astrologer; in fact, I’ve never really taken to it – though I’ll hand out advice, being an agony aunt isn’t my thing. And it’s been months since anybody asked me for a reading. So – do I keep that on?

ETA: Whooo! Did it! Moved everything into a sub-directory, reassigned the blog URL in the admin panel. And it all works. Naturally I backed up everything first – belt & brace, belt & braces….
Now I have to write some pages to go on the main site!

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  1. Sara Willow

    Brilliant. It’s got a slight Ubuntu look to it (which is a Good Thing, in my book). Look forward to seeing it up and running when you’ve written the other pages.


  2. You’re on a Mac, aren’t you? So it looks OK on that as well as on Windoze? Whoo!