This is the logo of the Out Campaign; if you’re an atheist, you display this on your blog or website.
I don’t define myself as an atheist – I’ve put it up because I really like the design. It’s bold, striking and simple; it also deliberately references the classic novel The Scarlet Letter, where the heroine is forced to wear a big scarlet letter ‘A’ as a punishment for adultery. Altogether, it’s a way cool logo!
It’s the brainchild of Richard Dawkins, who wants atheists to be out and proud. I’ve no problem with that. In fact, I’ve no problem with Professor Dawkins, unlike a lot of my fellow astrologers. Anybody who feels that his criticisms (some of them justified, I regret to say) will collapse everything they believe in should find a stronger set of beliefs.

I say I’m not an atheist, but I wonder if that’s quite true any more. I’ve been thinking about my personal spiritual beliefs over the past few months; no dark night of the soul drama, just a quiet reassessment of what I believe in. I’ve been reading up on Buddhism; I’ve not even attempted to unravel the deeper theological complexities of it, but the Eightfold Path seems to be a pretty good guide to how to live your life. Earth-centred Paganism is what I shall still always strive to follow. But as to whether there is a Creator (or even several Creators)… I don’t really think so; I’m coming to the view that we create our own Gods. So I suppose I should now call myself a Pagan Buddhist Agnostic.
And yes, I know that “Buddhist Agnostic” is (probably) tautologous. But what the heck……