My dreams are often a little strange (aren’t everyone’s? I can hear you all asking). But I can ususally work out what they mean for me.
The one I had early this morning was an exception. I was trying to get home, pushing a rusty old builders wheelbarrow. Along the way, somewhere, a grouse hopped into the wheelbarrow and wouldn’t leave. Until that is, we came to a large fountain; then it hopped into the fountain, started washing itself, and wouldn’t get back in the wheelbarrow.
So I left the grouse behind and went to a nearby house. This was ruined, semi-derelict and on top of a steep little hill. Once on top of the hill, I looked down over the cliff-edge; my pen fell out and broke to pieces at the bottom of the cliff.
Then I entered the house. It was pretty ruined inside as well, and the stairs looked unsafe, so I stopped in the big entrance hall. Then a woman came in through another door. She was annoyed to see me in her house – she lived there with her husband and baby son. I explained that I thought it was empty, and she agreed with me that looked a wreck, but they were working to make it habitable.
I told her and her husband about the grouse and the wheelbarrow and how I was trying to get home. They liked the story so much they offered me a lift home with the wheelbarrow in their van.
Naturally, I accepted. When we came to my house, the man turned to me and asked for the diesel money: £4. I got out my purse, and found it was huge and heavy, bulging with coins (but no notes). While I was sorting out the money, the man looked at my bursting purse and said admiringly: “Gosh, you have a lot of money!”
I thought that was a strange remark coming from someone who owned a big and valuable property, and who therefore must be quite wealthy himself.

Anyway, that was the end of the dream. No idea at all what it meant, except maybe for the grouse part (I’ve always got a grouse!)