“I hear people say we have to stop and debate globalisation. You might as well debate whether autumn should follow summer. They’re not debating it in China and India. All these nations have labour costs a fraction of ours… In the era of rapid globalisation, there is no mystery about what works: an open, liberal economy, prepared constantly to change to remain competitive. The temptation is to use Government to try to protect ourselves against the onslaught of globalisation by shutting it out; to think we protect a workforce by regulation; a company by Government subsidy; an industry by tariffs”.

So who do you think was saying that this week? George Bush? The head of the World Bank?
Nope – it was our very own Mr Tony, speaking at the Brighton Rally Labour Party Conference this week. Yes, that’s the Conference where an 82-year old man was first thrown out, then arrested under the Anti-Terrorism Act, for shouting “Nonsense!”, where another elderly man was arrested under the Anti-Terrorism Act for wearing an anti-Blair t-shirt outside the centre, where Labour MP Austin Mitchell had his cameraphone pictures deleted by a police officer for merely taking pictures of people going into the conference (the pictures could have been used for terrorist purposes, obviously.)
And all this is going on while Blair telling us how important it is to bring freedom of speech to Iraq…..
If you want to read more of Our Glorious Leader‘s words of wisdom, go to Schnews – for some of the real news of the world.