Tomorrow is another day….

Just been out doing some weeding in the garden. The rose is flowering, the scent is heavenly. And I was pleased to see that the honeysuckle is about to flower. Two years ago, I cut it right down to the ground – it was just too wild and overgrown. It started growing back last year,

Write Here, Write Now…

I know, I’ve not been writing a lot here lately. Mostly, I can’t seem to think of much to write that will interest anybody else. Also, like lots of people I have trouble starting to write anything; I gaze at the empty page and wonder where and how to begin….. No answer to the first

More Stuff….

Well, it’s been quiet lately around here. Getting on with the gardening, though I’m in danger of overdoing things. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours battling the hugely overgrown honeysuckle in the front garden. I started with the naive belief that I would merely have to find a couple or three main stems, cut

Behold – I Write!

Well, now and then…. Toniight I came across an old floppy disc containing all my articles that have been published. I had kept some of them on various websites (notably the Oakleaf Circle site), but lost them as I moved and revamped sites. So I was quite pleased to find them again. Anyhoo, they are