Busy with computing-related work. Got to get the Elfin Diary for next year finished pronto, which means spending days keyboarding in stuff. I really wish now I was better at programming – a bit of (relatively) simple VB or C++ magic would probably get the whole job done in hours instead of weeks. And I’m


…about techie web development matters in this post, so pass over if you’re not interested. Transferring a complete WordPress blog from one server to another is supposed to be pretty simple – WordPress has an Import/Export function that makes it almost a one-click operation. Having got the new WordPress-based Transit site almost complete on my

C-C-Changes again….

OK, I’ve now changed the design for this blog. I’d spent hours and hours over the weekend trying to put together a new design from scratch without much success, then thought “Why try to reinvent the wheel?” This is a WordPress blog; there are hundreds of free WordPress themes out there, most of them readily

New Look…

Now that I’ve got a local server up and running on my machine (thanks to WAMPS – easiest local server install ever), I can now easily design WordPress themes. This new look is one of the first results – the other is Hyde2612.net. It’s not finished yet – quite a few things, like the sidebar