Electronicae (2)

The computer saga continues…. After my motherboard blew, I remembered there were a couple of old boards at the bottom of my Big Box of Computer Bits. I went a looked, and joy, both of them took my processor and memory. One of them, I knew, wasn’t working (don’t ask me why I’d kept it);

Cheesed orf….

…my camera’s bust – the lens is stuck. It’s been stucky for ages, but has always cleared itself with a bit of jigging and poking. But I took it out this morning and it’s stuck for good. We’d gone out for a drive and a walk, the weather was fantastic, with blue skies and bright


….yesterday was a bit of a washout for me, owing to another night-time tachycardia attack. I turned over in bed, an internal switch jumped and the smooth, slow bloop-BLIP of my heartbeat went in an instant to a 180bpm BLAMBLAMBLAM slam-beat. So, once the initial o-shit-its-a-heart-attack panic had been firmly squashed I spent a leisurely