Review: Serif WebPlus

I’m a big fan of Serif software – I’ve been using their PagePlus DTP program since v2 – which came out sometime in the mid-90s. Since then I’ve also added two other Serif programs, Photoplus and Drawplus. I’m happy with the performance of all three and use them all the time; I do the entire

Good work….

Have spent the whole day designing! Decided this morning that the Elfin Diary site needed a spruce-up before the shop site opens and next year’s Diaries go on sale. Didn’t ask Caroline about it, and haven’t heard what she thinks of it. But even if she hates it and tells me to put it back

Summer is acoming….

Well, it seems to be here at last. A couple of days of sun and warmth. Spent most of today in the garden, tidying up the grass mowings, then lounging with a book. I have been trying to get more exercise over th e last couple of weeks, mainly by walking up the hill opposite


I wish I could get more of a focus in my working life. I’ve got some web design projects I want to get on with, but can’t decide which to get on with properly. I start one, then decide I want to do something else for a while, then I find some interesting web page

Down to business…

The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking quite hard about getting much more business-like with my web design work. The web has a lot of helpful advice for design freelancers who want to be more professional – John O’Nolan has a couple of good articles (it helps a lot that he’s British – US business


Feeling quite pleased with myself – just spen a good hour submitting the newly-completed Windows Hotline website to the search engines. I’m never sure if this is really necessary – good design, standards-compliant coding, keywords and linking should be enough, along with one-time submission to Google, Yahoo Search, Bing and DMOZ. However, companies pay quite

Still busy…..

Almost finished the Windows Hotline site. I’d started out thinking it would be a very simple bit of work – a straightforward HTML site with some slideshow galleries for the products. A fortnight’s work at most. But of course, rapid complications developed. First, the client hated the template and logo I’d lovingly crafted, so I