Good News, Bad News….

So I went to see Doc G yesterday. I first told him about my tinnitus and growing deafness. My whole life, I’ve always had very short bursts of noises in my ears – howls, rustling, whines, whistles, even far-away whispering, but they never lasted for more than a minute or so; I assumed that everybody

Another day….

…another tachycardia attack. This one started at approximately 3am this morning and didn’t stop until 2pm today. Something of a record for me. So I’ve not done a lot of anything today, aside from lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling (getting up and walking around during an attack makes me dizzy and

Health Update…

I’ve taken myself off the Verapamil tablets; six months is long enough to try it out, and it really wasn’t doing me a lot of good. The main problem was that it made me fuzzy-headed all the time; I couldn’t think very well and everything felt ‘flat’ and dull. It was the mental equivalent of

Another Health Whinge….

I’m going to have to go back on the betablockers – I’m seeing Doc G about it tomorrow. My tachycardia attacks are getting more frequent and more disabling; they rarely last for less than five or six hours now. Any kind of stress seems to set them off now – travelling, having a late night,


….yesterday was a bit of a washout for me, owing to another night-time tachycardia attack. I turned over in bed, an internal switch jumped and the smooth, slow bloop-BLIP of my heartbeat went in an instant to a 180bpm BLAMBLAMBLAM slam-beat. So, once the initial o-shit-its-a-heart-attack panic had been firmly squashed I spent a leisurely