Doing the shopping these days, with my dodgy knee, is not an experience I much enjoy. Technically, me & B always do the shopping together; what usually happens is that B slowly trundles the trolley round while I whizz around ferreting out the goodies. But at the moment, our roles are reversed; mindful that I

Woolies Wondering…

Went shopping today. As we badly need some cereal bowls, I decided to look in Woolworths. Found some bowls, but buying four or five of them looked a bit expensive. There were “50% reductions!” signs all over, but even at half-price, the cost was a bit steep (for me). Then I came across a set


….Got some time out on my own today. Yesterday, me & B went to Dumfries for shopping and stuff. Along the way, we popped into M&S and bought a pair of smart trousers for B for next month’s Big Wedding. Once we were home, B discovered he’d somehow got the wrong size. Since the return