Another post….

So, packing for the Oakleaf Camp now and setting off in the morning. Quite looking forward to it, but I do hope I’m not disabled with another humungous tachycardia attack like the one I had at the camp a couple of years ago. It lasted the whole of Saturday, and left me whacked out for

Spring Iz Sprunggg!

It’s been a beautiful spring day today – warm and sunny. I ought to be thoroughly knackered – I walked to the village to get on the bus, spent the morning walking around town shopping, hauled said shopping back from the village; had an hour off for lunch and a sit-down before joining B in

Passing For Old…..

Used my bus pass for the first time yesterday. A week ago, we pranged the car – not seriously, no damage done to us – and it has been taken away for inspection. Until the insurance company decides what to do, we are carless. So it was off on the bus I went hey-ho. I

It’s Library Bus Day!

We have a library bus come round here, every three weeks – a big converted bus full of books that tours around the outlying rural communities. Sure, we can go to the libraries at Castle Douglas and Dumfries, and often do, but it’s important to keep such local services alive (and it’s great having a

It’s Cold……

….dammed cold. According to the news, the temperature last night here was around -10°C. Today, it’s still below 0°C and is expected to drop to -12°C. Minus 12 Centigrade is minus 20 Fahrenheit!!! And the long-term forecast is for more of the same. I can remember the “Big Freeze” winter of 1962/3, when even London

T’is the Night Before Christmas…

Well actually it’s still the afternoon, but what the heck. Got the Yule feasting done, got the big food shop over with, the coal bunker is full, we have torches and candles in case of electricity failure. It’s brrrrr-type cold outside, but it’s well above freezing here in the hallway where my trusty old computer

Another Nice Day Out (Part the Third)

So, another day yesterday driving around delivering Yellow Pages. Not so much fun as before, and not just because it was pouring down all the time. I wrote last time about how so many people in the more rural parts leave their doors wide open; it’s typical of the friendliness of the people living here.

A Nice Day Out…

So this week, me & B haz work! Delivering Yellow Pages. When we accepted the job, it sounded easy – just deliver in Dalry and to some scattered farms and houses outside, we were told. Dalry is a small town, just a couple of hundred houses. Piece of cake, we thought – do the town

Wot I Did On The Solstice….

….not a lot. I’d had a really tiring couple of days. Friday I bussed into town to get some shopping, banking and bill-paying done, and managed to miss the bus back (I was sitting on the library wall some yards down from the bus stop, the bus had no number or destination and was coming