Have made a start on selling my photographs and set up an account at PhotoBoxGallery where people can buy prints; at the mo, I’ve only uploaded a few landscape photos. I have an old account at RedBubble, where I’ll probably sell my more ‘arty’ stuff; there’s just a few old images there now – when

Getting the Picture…

I’m starting to get into photography now that I have a new camera. My camera – a Fujifilm Finepix S2500 – does an excellent job of taking automatic point-and-shoot pictures. But it also has plenty of manual controls and I’d really like to explore that – I’ve already tried fiddling around with shutter speeds and

Autumn Leaves….

Finally got my new camera – not the proper DSLR model I had hoped for (couldn’t manage to save up enough for that) but a decent enough compact digital. It was supposed to arrive a week ago but got lost in a Glasgow warehouse and arrived only yesterday. So far I’ve few complaints about it