Red Squirrel

Red squirrel caught on my neighbours' bird table

Yes, I snapped this little fellow yesterday, happily nicking the nuts from my neighbours’ bird table. I was able to get up to within four feet of him; he was watching me, but didn’t seen concerned. Since I didn’t want to waste time faffing with arperture and shutter speed, I had the camera on automatic settings and zoom. So yes, it’s a decent picture, but it’s all down to the camera, not me.
However, taking such a good shot cheered me up after the mess that was Tuesday. I won’t go into details, except that my marvellous (non-) communications skills really put me in the spotlight! So I’m retreating back into my cubbyhole and sticking to what I know I do well (which doesn’t include writing nicey-nice diplomatic emails…)

Caroline is still gravely ill – the news is not good; she’s no longer able to talk and she’s unlikely to be coming home. There’s not a lot I can do from 200 miles away. I’ve said my goodbyes to her.
Although I had to cancel my Lancashire trip and the likelihood of getting the Diary paperwork now seem remote (thanks to the aforementioned terrific communication skills), me and B are getting on with our plans to publish the Elfin Diary. So life goes on, ever changing….

Health-wise, I’m better, thanks to Doc G increasing my levothyroxine dose. I’ve got more energy and I’m sleeping better. I still get tired after walking to and from the village, but it’s now just normal tiredness that’s swiftly dealt with by a sit-down and a cup of tea. Not the oh-god-i’m-aching-all-over-and-can’t-move tiredness that I was getting before. And I’ve not had any more tachycardia attacks – the ones I was having were obviously a temporary reaction to the new dose. B is a whole lot better as well – he’s nearly back to normal fitness. Oh, and we’ve got a new car!

So, things seem to be looking up at last. And of course, it’s summer, though it doesn’t look a lot like it at the moment – we’ve had rain almost every day for weeks. There’s almost no darkness at night now, the Sun is doing it’s usual northern midsummer thing of spending all night skimming just below the horizon instead of setting properly; next week is Full Moon, so there won’t be a lot of difference at all between day and night then.
How many times have I seen this happening? Too many times to count. I’m getting old…..

Have made a start on selling my photographs and set up an account at PhotoBoxGallery where people can buy prints; at the mo, I’ve only uploaded a few landscape photos. I have an old account at RedBubble, where I’ll probably sell my more ‘arty’ stuff; there’s just a few old images there now – when I get time, I’ll upload the new stuff.
So you’re all invited to my new show!

Winter Tree

9th January 2011

I’m starting to get into photography now that I have a new camera. My camera – a Fujifilm Finepix S2500 – does an excellent job of taking automatic point-and-shoot pictures. But it also has plenty of manual controls and I’d really like to explore that – I’ve already tried fiddling around with shutter speeds and exposures and produced some interesting results. But I have no idea what it all means; I’m just messing about randomly with the controls. So I’ll use some spare Amazon vouchers to get a beginners’ book on digital photography and start learning.
The picture, BTW, was taken on Sunday (yesterday) when there was still plenty of snow around. That isn’t the original image – I’ve played around with the saturation, contrast and so on in Paint Shop Pro to make it look a lot more interesting.


November Trees

Finally got my new camera – not the proper DSLR model I had hoped for (couldn’t manage to save up enough for that) but a decent enough compact digital. It was supposed to arrive a week ago but got lost in a Glasgow warehouse and arrived only yesterday. So far I’ve few complaints about it – the controls are a bit awkward and badly-placed for my clumsy fingers, it doesn’t have a rechargable battery and the internal memory only holds about five images, so I’ll need a memory card. But the pictures so far are very good. I’ll have to have a good read of the manual though, to find out what all the buttons do.