Wow – haven’t posted anything here for nearly two months. Best get writing then. Like I said before, the month before Xmas was madness here, with Elfin Diary orders coming in all the time. Now the rush is over, I can sit back and analyse the mistakes. The print bill was more than I anticipated


Well, got rid of all the first consignment of Elfin Diaries and still got hundreds of orders to fulfill. Another consignment should arrive any minute now. I’ve tidied up my desk, got all the labels and printer ready, got the order lists printed out. So now I’m sat here just tapping my fingers. I’ve decided


I’m coming off my beta-blocker for an experimental period. I’ve been on various types – for my tachycardia – for the last five or six years and none have suited me too well. Several gave me insomnia, nightmares and seriously disturbed sleep; a couple made me so dozy and apathetic that I found myself regularly