Blaahhhhh. After six hours of absolutely sound, deep sleep, got woken this morning by a headache. Within the hour, it it had grown into M I G R AI N E. The iron-band-around-the skull type, with added nausea and balance problems (an odd feeling that my feet were higher than my head, even when I was sitting up).

Better now, still wobbly and headachy. But no more experiments with meds. Looks like I’m hooked on the dammed things for life.

…according to Doc G. After feeling ill, breathless and tired all week, I finally gave in and took my list of symptoms to him. My blood pressure was absolutely normal – a surprise for me, as I’d expected it to be through the roof.
But I’ve been given some pills for the headaches. Oh goody, more pills. And I’ll be having more tests next week. After which I shall probably end up with yet more pills to masticate along with my breakfast porrige.
Goody goody, I cannot wait. Not.

But at least I aten’t dead.

…is how I’m feeling today. Tired, out of sorts, and my left knee is giving it some welly. Hope I’m not coming down with the bug that Son came around with last week. Seem to be coming up against frustrations and impediments with everything. Short of money (so what’s new?), can’t seem to get the new Oakleaf Circle site working the way I want it (but at least it’s a development site, and not yet live). Oh well, the post hasn’t arrived yet – I’m always hoipeful that something nice will arrive.
Caught a few minutes of a Marianne Faithfull concert on the box last night. She should be suing her plastic surgeon – her trout pout wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but she had a visible lump of filler in her cheek. Plus of course there was the overall shinyness and botoxed deadness. But, shut your eyes and listen, and it was pretty dammed good – her Sister Morphine was scorching. Her voice has the raw bluesiness that comes with maturity and an interesting life; she’s also got a terrific backing group.
Might try and find a few of her tracks, to add to my collection. I’m still aiming to get myself an iPod player – just as soon as we can spare the cash……

I’m going to have to go back on the betablockers – I’m seeing Doc G about it tomorrow.
My tachycardia attacks are getting more frequent and more disabling; they rarely last for less than five or six hours now. Any kind of stress seems to set them off now – travelling, having a late night, missing a meal…
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Daughter no2’s Big Wedding. Half an hour before we arrived, the tachycardia kicked in – and I’d forgotten to bring along my pills (not that taking one when an attack starts helps a great deal anyway). I managed to get through the ceremony without falling over or blacking out, but had to be driven away straight afterwards for a long lie down, missing the reception completely. I’d been so looking forward to it, meeting all those friends and rellies I hadn’t seen for years, catching up with news, seeing the grandkids, just having a good time…. So I was really really pigged off at getting so ill.
Then, yesterday morning, 6am, I was woken up by another attack, one that lasted until after 2pm. And all that I’d done was to stay up late watching TV. Even when my heart was back to normal, I was wiped out and exhausted, hardly able to do anything for the rest of the day.
So. Blah. Can’t go on like this. So. Hallo pills….