I can haz music….

My iPod arrived today – wo0t!! It took me a while to figure out the touchpad controls, and I’m still trying to find out how to turn the damm thing off to save the battery. But I can now have music whenever I want it. Which won’t be all the time, or even most of

I Am Reading….

…Sara Maitland’s The Book of Silence – an autobiographical essay on her search for, and meditations on, silence. I can agree with much of what she writes – of how silence should be regarded a presence, not an absence, for instance; and her joy at living alone and reasonably secure is well expressed, and makes

Hallelujah for songwriters…

….especially for Leonard Cohen. Unbelievably, I’d never heard his song Hallelujah before today. It was bought to my attention because there is a campaign to make the Jeff Buckley version the Christmas no 1, instead of the newly-released version by some manufactured reality-show popster. I’ve listened to the Buckley version (and the versions by kd