…my camera’s bust – the lens is stuck. It’s been stucky for ages, but has always cleared itself with a bit of jigging and poking. But I took it out this morning and it’s stuck for good. We’d gone out for a drive and a walk, the weather was fantastic, with blue skies and bright sun – perfect for photos. But it was not to be.
Bah. And of course, with a car purchase imminent, there’s no money to spare for a new camera. Bah again.

But I made another nice sourdough loaf today. I’d have bored you all with another piccy, if the camera were working….

I am bloody angry. We heat our house with coal. The coalman has just been for the fortnightly delivery, and the price of coal has gone up again. Three months ago, it was £6.50 a bag; last month it went up to £8 a bag. Now it is up to £11.50!!! In the same period, Scottish Power has put up electricity prices as well, so we are now paying an extra £5 a week for it!!
This morning I watched the news, all about how two of our senior politicians have been swanning around some nice warm part of the world, getting freebies from a couple of totally honest (yes really, so don’t sue me) Russian billionaire businessmen.
B say we need some sort of revolution – the coalman agrees, so do I. Anybody else wanna join us?

We went shopping this afternoon – not our usual big once-a-week shop, but (for long and boring reasons) our second mini-shop of the week.
Now, when we’re going around the supermarket filling up the trolley, I know pretty well how much we’re spending. I don’t know the exact price of every item, but I can estimate it and keep a running total. When we reach the checkout, my estimate invariably comes to less than +/- two quid of the total.
Well, that’s how it used to be. This afternoon, we went around the Co-op with me doing my usual running price estimation. At the checkout, I was shocked to find that I was charged more than a fiver over my estimate. It could have been quite embarrassing, as I was left with only about 50p in my purse. Naturally, I checked the receipt, but all was as it should be – it was just that stuff was costing more.
With our weekly shopping bill going up by a tenner, and fuel costing so much more as well (we’re 15 miles from the supermarket, so we have to use the car), things are going to get rather tight for us.
Oh bum….. We’ll just have to try to earn more money….