So I’ve been having medical problems again. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting dry, gritty eyes; within a couple of days, I could barely see – everything was blurry and bright lights made my eyes hurt. Naturally, I couldn’t do anything on the computer – I managed to snatch 20 minutes or so

The Drugs Do Work (part deux)…..

I’ve not been posting much lately. And I think it may be because of the Verapamil. It’s still doing it’s proper job of keeping my heartrate from going doolally, but ever since I started on it, I’ve been feeling a peculiar lack of motivation. Everything is “I’ll do it when I’ve had a cuppa /


….yesterday was a bit of a washout for me, owing to another night-time tachycardia attack. I turned over in bed, an internal switch jumped and the smooth, slow bloop-BLIP of my heartbeat went in an instant to a 180bpm BLAMBLAMBLAM slam-beat. So, once the initial o-shit-its-a-heart-attack panic had been firmly squashed I spent a leisurely