…Toothache still continues. It’s actually a bad gum infection -copious rinsings with antiseptic mouthwash give some relief. The main effect is that I can’t eat anything without pain. Oh well, I needed an incentive to diet anyway.

So Sweet…

So this morning, I got out of bed feeling like c**p – headachy, sinuses stuffed up, tired and aching. I’m waiting for an appointment to see an ENT specialist about my chronic sinusitis, but that will take weeks. So I needed some cheering up. And I think I’ve managed it. Going through my emails, I

Still Here….

It’s been three months since I last posted here, and even that was a bit of an effort. Well, I’ll try to post more often. I’m still busy; not only trying to get the 2013 Elfin Diary finished in time but also struggling to tidy up the Astrological Association website – I’ve been appointed the


Wow – haven’t posted anything here for nearly two months. Best get writing then. Like I said before, the month before Xmas was madness here, with Elfin Diary orders coming in all the time. Now the rush is over, I can sit back and analyse the mistakes. The print bill was more than I anticipated


OK, so in my last post, I said I was feeling healthier. Ha. I promptly went down with two days of low-level thumping headaches and general unwellness. That’ll teach me. But today’s been magnificently sunny – yippee, no rain! And I’ve been able to catch up with wurk. And of course feeling better.

Another post….

So, packing for the Oakleaf Camp now and setting off in the morning. Quite looking forward to it, but I do hope I’m not disabled with another humungous tachycardia attack like the one I had at the camp a couple of years ago. It lasted the whole of Saturday, and left me whacked out for

Second Thoughts….

I’ve been trying out the new dosage that Doc G has prescribed. Haven’t got the new pills yet, but I’ve cut one of my 100mcg tablets into four and taking the extra each evening. Have tried it for two days and although I felt much better on the first day, I’ve been getting more tachycardia


Seen Doc G again – my blood pressure is going down. It was 156 / 80 this morning – not especially good but a lot better than 170 / 90. He agreed with me that my raised BP was quite possibly due to the stress of dealing with B’s illness, so since it’s now on