A Lamb’s Tale…

After posting yesterday’s bout of self-pitying neepery, I switched off the comp and went outside to take in the evening. There’s a field outside our door, where sheep graze. It’s just one of several linked fields they spend their days wandering in and out of, following the grazing; it has a couple of pens in

The Forest….

….so we went for another drive yesterday, through a section of the Galloway Forest we’d last visted three years ago. What a difference! Much of the trees have recently been logged; so instead of dark brooding masses of conifers, there was moonscapes of bare trashed ground. Since the Galloway Forest is primarily an industrial-scale tree-growing

The End of All Things…..

The rain stopped this morning, for a brief time, and me & B took advantage and drove out into a nearby forest. A couple of weeks ago, Son had been to a small outdoor rave there. It was a beautiful spot, he told us, by a loch, surrounded by forest. It sounded attractive, so we