So This is Newtonmass…..

At last the year is turning; winter is still hard and frosty, but summer is on its way. We’re promised a thaw in a few days – can’t come soon enough. Lovely as snow looks, it gets boring after three solid weeks. B is finally getting to see a consultant in Glasgow, next week. Hopefully,

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 372….

Whilst somewhat gloomily contemplating the fact that I’ll be collecting my bus pass next month, I read a message from Son on Facebook. Earlier he had posted a Youtube link to his current favourite bit of music. I posted back that I liked it and would be “stealing it for my iPod”. Son has just

Back to Plan B….

I won’t be getting paid as soon as I thought, so all that lovely Yule spending is off. Botheration. No camera, no new whizzy-fast computer. And no prezzies for anyone. (Not that I could have afforded to match the iPhone that Grandchild no.2 received for her birthday last Tuesday – but sending her a gift


A parcel arrived this morning for me. Large and lumpy, covered in silver wrapping paper and marked “!!Not to be opened before March 8th!!”. It’s vaguely handbag-shaped. But it’s from Daughter no.2, who knows I don’t Do Handbags. I shall hide it away at the top of some inaccessible cupboard. And do my best not

Peed Orf…

Did not get to Preston today. Got to the coach and got told extremely brusquely that it was fully booked and I couldn’t get a ticket. I had wondered if I should book a seat beforehand. But I couldn’t put any money on my PAYG card until yesterday, and it takes at least a day


….Got some time out on my own today. Yesterday, me & B went to Dumfries for shopping and stuff. Along the way, we popped into M&S and bought a pair of smart trousers for B for next month’s Big Wedding. Once we were home, B discovered he’d somehow got the wrong size. Since the return