At last the year is turning; winter is still hard and frosty, but summer is on its way. We’re promised a thaw in a few days – can’t come soon enough. Lovely as snow looks, it gets boring after three solid weeks.
B is finally getting to see a consultant in Glasgow, next week. Hopefully, some sort of surgery will be definitely arranged then. I kept nagging B to contact the hospital himself, but he wouldn’t – eventually, three weeks ago (a good 10 weeks after the hospital told him they would be arranging some sort of surgery for him urgently), he got onto Doc G about the delay and the Doc obviously did some stirring.
I’ve had a quick trip down to Lancashire to see my new grandson – came back with a nasty flu-like bug that’s laid me up for nearly a fortnight. Had to give the Yule feast a miss because I was so ill; and I’ve hardly been out of the house at all. Getting very bored. But also getting better.
Must get down to some work.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m to be a granny again. This one will be my fourth, and is expected around Christmas.

My birthday cake

My birthday cake

So. Yesterday was my birthday, when I hit the Big One (count the candles on my cake and multiply by 10). And I aren’t ded yet! The day before (Sunday), Daughter no.3 and her husband came up, laden with prezzies, wine and a birthday cake – made by Daughter’s fair hands! A good day was had.
Now that I’ve entered my 60s, I’ve been wondering (amongst lots of other things) about just how many other oldie web designers are out there, particularly oldie women websters. All the web design forums and sites seem to be by and for young males, and the testosterone practically drips off the screen; the same goes for industry podcasts, where the invariably male presenters never seem to acknowledge that any of their listeners could be over 40 and/or non-male (I unsubscribed from one otherwise excellent podcast because the two presenters kept behaving like schoolboys and making ageist jibes).
I’m not looking for a forum where everyone discusses knitting patterns and shows off pictures of their latest grandchild; there are already more than enough of those around, thank you very much. It would be nice just to have an acknowledgement now and then that you don’t have to possess male genitalia and be under 30 to design websites for a living.

Whilst somewhat gloomily contemplating the fact that I’ll be collecting my bus pass next month, I read a message from Son on Facebook. Earlier he had posted a Youtube link to his current favourite bit of music. I posted back that I liked it and would be “stealing it for my iPod”.
Son has just posted: “thats awesome!! me mums got an ipod and a taste for electronic tech!!”
Made me smile!

I won’t be getting paid as soon as I thought, so all that lovely Yule spending is off. Botheration. No camera, no new whizzy-fast computer. And no prezzies for anyone. (Not that I could have afforded to match the iPhone that Grandchild no.2 received for her birthday last Tuesday – but sending her a gift voucher for a combined b’day/Xmas prezz would have been nice.)
Still, the money will arrive eventually, no? (Yes it will! Think positive!!)

A parcel arrived this morning for me. Large and lumpy, covered in silver wrapping paper and marked “!!Not to be opened before March 8th!!”. It’s vaguely handbag-shaped. But it’s from Daughter no.2, who knows I don’t Do Handbags.
I shall hide it away at the top of some inaccessible cupboard. And do my best not to think about it until Sunday.
That cupboard had better be dammed inaccessible….

Did not get to Preston today. Got to the coach and got told extremely brusquely that it was fully booked and I couldn’t get a ticket.
I had wondered if I should book a seat beforehand. But I couldn’t put any money on my PAYG card until yesterday, and it takes at least a day for cash to arrive on the card. In any case, when I checked the coach on the National Express website, there was nothing about it being booked up.
B had to dump me at the bus stop and go off to ferry Son off somewhere. So after failing to get on the coach I had to wait in town to be picked up. While walking along King Street to the pickup point, my left knee, the one that’s been bothering me most of the week, more or less collapsed. I managed to continue walking, but extremely slowly; luckily, there was a seat where I could wait for B.
So not only did I not get to see family, but I can now barely walk.
Yes, I’m properly peed off….. (especially with National Express).

And watching the news isn’t making me feel any better. Decided to avoid watching any more tonight – or I’ll break something. Or scream. Or do something else very bad.

Ack. My left knee has decided to make trouble again. For the last two days, it’s been stiff, painful and achey. Not only that, but it looks like a King Edward potato that’s come third in a Humourous Vegetables contest. So I’m doing as little walking as possible.
Hopefully, it should have sorted itself by Saturday, when I’m going down to Preston for the weekend – all by myself! I’ll be staying with Daughter no2 and visiting people on the Saturday night (going back on Sunday) – drop me a line if you want to be visited.

….Got some time out on my own today. Yesterday, me & B went to Dumfries for shopping and stuff. Along the way, we popped into M&S and bought a pair of smart trousers for B for next month’s Big Wedding. Once we were home, B discovered he’d somehow got the wrong size. Since the return bus fare to Dumfries is cheaper (way cheaper at the moment) than driving there (and the bus picks up and drops right outside our house), I went on the bus this morning to exchange the pants, alone so that B could get on with some work of his own.
I like going shopping on my own. B hates shopping and always rushes me along. But I like strolling and browsing. This morning, I went looking in every charity shop along Friars Vennel, all five of them. Mainly, I was looking for something that I might be able to wear myself to the Big Wedding – my trusty old LBD that I keep for weddings, funerals and “smart casual please” is getting somewhat ancient. However, I refuse to spend a huge amount on something that I’ll wear perhaps once a year, and I always prefer to reuse and recycle anyway, which is why I went to the charity shops (though I must confess to lingering quite a while in the womenswear section of M&S…). I didn’t find a dress, but I seeing all the hats made me realise that I really need a hat as well – after all, I am the Bride’s Mother. I didn’t buy a hat either (though I will at some point), but I did find a good stout pair of walking shoes – I really have to get back into walking regularly these days; I’ll never be able to manage any five-mile hikes any more, but I really should be able to walk into the village and back without having to stop for a breather.

On the bus to Dumfries, me and the other oldies had been accompanied by a group of giggly young teenage girls; they were on the return journey as well. Having evidently spent the morning enjoyably mall-ratting, they were even more loud and giggly, screeching and singing at the back of the bus. They weren’t at all annoying – but they did prompt me to somewhat gloomy thoughts about my own distant youth. I felt like turning round and telling them to enjoy it while it lasted.
But instead, I gazed out over the fields, where the spring lambs were tumbling and running…..