Electronicae (2)

The computer saga continues…. After my motherboard blew, I remembered there were a couple of old boards at the bottom of my Big Box of Computer Bits. I went a looked, and joy, both of them took my processor and memory. One of them, I knew, wasn’t working (don’t ask me why I’d kept it);


Woes, woes, woes. Last night, I decided (because I was bored and peed off with learning the ins and outs of various CMSs – I’m still trying to find some easy, simple CMSs for future clients – WordPress is getting a bit heavyweight nowadays, with too perhaps many bells and whistles for a n00b to

News From The Sofa…..

I have finally got Linux installed on the old laptop, and am now able to blog from anywhere in the house – at the moment, I am comfortably ensconced on the sofa. Having all but given up on the idea, after having so many failures, I discovered Puppy Linux. This runs on just 94 Meg

Hot From….

….the laptop. Yes, I’m blogging from my laptop! Not actually from choice, though. My monitor finally died last week; I hooked the desktop PC into B’s gigantic 21″ monster (since he didn’t have any immediate work to do), and everything worked fine for a day… The, I started getting reboots, frazzled screens and an error