So Farewell, Buttercup….

…and we hardly knew ye…. Despite Buttercup being a low-slung Fiat, B would drive it along the most incredibly rough, rocky forest trails. On almost every trip, rocks would bang against the underside. B always dismissed my worries – but the inevitable happened on Sunday. He came home from another forest trip (by himself), with

Bryter Layter….

Well, I didn’t get out for a walk today – it was raining on and off. Also, we decided to start some housecleaning in preparation for next weekend, and B started putting carpet tiles on the stairs. Also, the car seems to have fixed itself – originally, B thought it was the ignition/immobiler system at


Well, B got my camera working, more or less. The problem was that the lens wouldn’t come out; he thumped it for a bit and it got unstuck. The lens now won’t go back in again, but at least I can take piccies again. We’ve not bought a car yet. But we’ve put our old

To Manchester, Merrily, We Go…

For the last few weeks our Citroen has been playing up – when cornering and going over humps, the back ends ‘flips’ a little out of line. I can’t feel this, but it was making B very nervous. After doing some internet research and poring over the Haynes manual, B decided that it needed specialist