Life etc…..

…in astrological terms, being 59 means you’re in the middle of your second Saturn Return, when Saturn transits its own place for the second time in your life. It’s generally regarded as a pretty heavy time, of restrictions and difficulties. By accident, I’ve just stumbled on the blog of a fellow astrologer who was born

Fairly Productive….

….I think my Astro*Diary site may now be taking off – today I have scooped the other astrology sites with an article by Robert Blaschke on the phenomenal Susan Boyle. Every astrologer has been gagging for her chart data and I got it (almost) first. He sent it to me as a PDF; it took

It’s cold….

……out here in the hall; I’m giving serious consideration to B’s suggestion that I should move my computer into the living room. Trouble is, there isn’t anything big enough to put it on except the (ex-kitchen) table that it’s currently sitting on, and finding room will be difficult. So for now I’ll put on another

Decision time…..

So, spent most of the evening designing my new site. The results are here (the links aren’t working yet). I quite like it… Still haven’t decided where I’m going to keep this blog. Shoving it onto a new domain would be the simplest answer, but I’m worried about the expense of hosting; putting it onto