…just a little. We have our friend Norm staying for a few days and we are showing him the local sights. Which consist mostly of trees and hills. And sheep. And trees. And hills. And a few more sheep. And trees. Oh, and a few cows as well, for variety… Anyway, today we drove him

Back To The Old Grind

Well, the Camp was a huge success – you can read peoples’ comments in the Oakleaf Campers Yahoo Group. We had the usual disaster on the way there – this time our car engine blew up and we spent 36 hours stranded on a layby on the A66. It made a change from the wheel

Not Long to Go Now…

The fun starts Friday! Carol is buzzing around doing umpteen things at once – as always, I marvel at the woman’s energy. Brian & me are are far from ready for the Camp – the car has suddenly developed a leaky fuel tank that will need replacing, the caravan needs cleaning out, we have to

Back Again

Not been posting much in here lately – way too much work. We’ve foolishly agreed to produce a desk diary version of the


Public transport up here can be somewhat ramshackle. “Charmingly ranshackle”Â? is how I usually describe it to people; like, for instance, last Saturday when I went to Castle Douglas from the village and found myself, eventually, as one of twelve adults and two children trying tofit into an 8-seater mini-bus. A not altogether uncommon experience.

It’s Nice Around Here

We’ve had some fabulous weather this weekend – warm and sunny. This afternoon, me & Brian went for a walk in our favourite bit of woodland. The bluebells are just coming out – by next month, the ground under the trees will be a haze of blue. Lots of other wildflowers are out as well

Long Time No Write

Hallo, back again. Really must try to update this thing more often. But I get so busy sometimes. Well, my birthday last week passed quietly enough – got a prezzie of chocolates and a CD from one of my daughters. The CD was the music from the Morse TV series. Hmm, bit puzzled as to


…for not posting in such a long time. Been pretty busy this lazy month. Finally got Transit launched on Monday – you can admire it here. Getting it together was an anxious time – I was so keen to impress. And I had loads of Elfin Diary work to do at the same time –

Wood & Water

Today we had another wood-fest at the Steadings. It stopped raining this morning, so Graham went over with his chainsaw and cut up lots of the logs that had been left at the bottom of the hill. In the meantime, Brian & John set to work on chainsawing the big pile of birch logs that

Wood We….

Here in the Steadings, the afternoon was devoted to wood. First of all, Graham and John (the Steadings’ two “muscles”) chopped a pile of logs into fuel, which Carol, Brian, me & Pauline, plus Graham’s sister Fran and her two boys, generally ran around shifting the wood, piling it into barrows and getting it to