So this morning, for breakfast, I decided on a change from my usual rather boring porridge and yogurt. So here it is – scrambled eggs, a banana, and thick-sliced toast with yeast spread; there’s also a glass of apple juice that I forget to get in the shot. Pretty much all the nutritional requirements are

So, Saturday….

I got on the bus and went to Dumfries. The car is very poorly and will have to be replaced soon, hence the bus trip, to get some shopping. Having done the stuff I needed to, I found myself with an hour to while away until the return journey. It was a long way from


These last three weeks have been incredibly busy. First, the first batch of Elfin Diaries arrived from the printer at least three weeks earlier than I’d expected, while I was still trying to unravel the structural mess that is the Astrological Association website and before I’d got the Elfin Diaries site sorted with new e-commerce


…Toothache still continues. It’s actually a bad gum infection -copious rinsings with antiseptic mouthwash give some relief. The main effect is that I can’t eat anything without pain. Oh well, I needed an incentive to diet anyway.

Clouds and Other Beasties…

So we went to a weekend camp in Yorkshire. Not the usual Oakleaf one, a smaller invitation-only camp. I had a better time than I thought I would. The weather was better than it might have been, only a few heavy showers for a day and half, quite a lot of sunshine the rest of

Back again…..

This site’s been offline for at least a week – down to some sort of weird DNS failure. So not only were peeps getting an error page when they tried to view this site, but no email was getting to me from my domain email address. As you can see, it’s now fixed – thanks

So Sweet…

So this morning, I got out of bed feeling like c**p – headachy, sinuses stuffed up, tired and aching. I’m waiting for an appointment to see an ENT specialist about my chronic sinusitis, but that will take weeks. So I needed some cheering up. And I think I’ve managed it. Going through my emails, I

So Last Night…..

….having another bout of insommnia, I stayed up. With nothing much on the TV, I resorted to my usual nighttime amusement of watching CNN with the sound turned off, trying to guess what they’re talking about purely from what’s on the screen. The culture divide and the insular nature of US news can make it

Another Exciting Post…

Dealt with another 20-odd sp*m comments this morning. What’s so attractive about my little blog? It never used to be this bad. Just to be safe, I’ve tightened up my site security, changing the password and username. Luckily, my hosting company is very good with server security and in the six or seven years I’ve