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Just Had A Bit of Fun…

….with a spammer. Got this one this morning (URL munged so they don’t get any google goodness): Hi, I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Eddie Brown, very nice to meet you. I’m SEO expert working at iSEO Traffic. I came across while making a research for one of my partners … Continue reading Just Had A Bit of Fun…

Quantum Stupidity

Homeopathy with Dr. Werner Dr Werner is a homeopath and here she claims that the latest discoveries in science prove homeopathy. Unfortunately, all her video proves is how staggeringly ignorant she is about science. She confuses mass with density; she gets Einstein’s equation wrong; she thinks that Stephen Hawkings (sic) thought up String Theory (wrong); … Continue reading Quantum Stupidity

Stupid Things I Have Seen Pt 2901….

There’s a website called Fundies Say The Darndest Things! devoted to recording the inane/insane stuff that religious fundamentalists come out with on t’interwebs. It’s a pity there isn’t an equivalent site for Global Warming Denialists, as this (from one of my elists) would be a fine candidate: If a weatherman can’t get the weather right, … Continue reading Stupid Things I Have Seen Pt 2901….