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Musings and thoughts and gardening…..

Well, it’s finally stopped raining – I’ve done no gardening done since Sunday. Didn’t manage any gardening yesterday, probably won’t do any today either – yesterday I got my new hard drive and spent the whole day just installing everything; I’m still dont finished, still got to copy over all my music and pictures, plus … Continue reading Musings and thoughts and gardening…..

A More Interesting Read…..

Alic Sebold’s The Lovely Bones was built around in interesting and (as far as I know) original concept of the afterlife: rather than there being a single one-size-fits-all Heaven where everybody goes, everyone gets their own individual Heaven – a place where they are truly happy. Although each heaven is specific to each individual, they … Continue reading A More Interesting Read…..


Cell by Stephen King The blurb on the back claims that King is the greatest storyteller ever. Oh no he’s not. Not on the evidence of this, anyway. I can instantly come up with the names of at least three other authors whose plotting and characterisation are consistently superior to this. (OK, the three are … Continue reading Cell

The Minotaur

The Minotaur by Barbara Vine I have been a long-time fan of Barbara Vine (who also writes as Ruth Rendell). Her novels deal with mytseries and secrets and the dark things that hide behind surbuban faces – especially English suburban faces. They often aren’t entirely successful; in particular, she has constant problems making her working-class … Continue reading The Minotaur