So, Saturday….

I got on the bus and went to Dumfries. The car is very poorly and will have to be replaced soon, hence the bus trip, to get some shopping. Having done the stuff I needed to, I found myself with an hour to while away until the return journey. It was a long way from

Say It Loud…

This is the logo of the Out Campaign; if you’re an atheist, you display this on your blog or website. I don’t define myself as an atheist – I’ve put it up because I really like the design. It’s bold, striking and simple; it also deliberately references the classic novel The Scarlet Letter, where the

So That Was Yule….

Well, another one over. At last the nights are going to get shorter – at this time of year, we get 15 hours of darkness; those nights when I’m lying awake and hopelessly chasing sleep, it feels like the sun will never rise… Thursday night, we had our usual Yule feast chez Carol’s. We squeezed

What Every Child Needs….

…a safe home, love, cuddles, good people lookng after them? Affordable food, education, medicine…? Nope. No siree, not if they are Christian children! Christian children need Armour of God PJsTM to keep all those damm demons away! (Thanks to Orac)