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Remember that landscape painting I started back in January? Well, I struggled and strugled with it, repainted it again and again. But it just wouldn’t work. Nothing came right. So, the other day, in a fit of anger after a final futile attempt, I got a tube of white and smeared it all over the … Continue reading Finished

Rat Brain Art

OK, this BBC news item is over three years old. But true weirdness doesn’t date. Meet the latest spaced out modern artist – a picture-drawing robot arm in Australia whose brain sits in a petri dish in the US. Working from their university labs in two different corners of the world, American and Australian researchers … Continue reading Rat Brain Art


Went out this morning and shot off a few photos of natural textures – closeups of grass, bark, moss, stone etc. Rather too many of them came out like this: Looks like a bad case of camera shake. But, visually interesting…..