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Hallo, my name is Val Dobson….

…and this is my personal blog. I whine, complain and generally indulge my inner grumpy old woman here.

About me: I’m late-middle-aged, female and live in Scotland. That’s the a/s/l bit out of the way.
What do I do? I work from home (in a gorgeous part of Scotland) where I design websites, design print layouts, occasionally write poetry, draw, paint pictures, try to take nice photographs, grumble about my health, produce an annual diary, sit and gaze in awe at the scenery.

To contact me, you can use the form below. I’m open to all offers of work – I’ll design you a nice little website, layout and print your poetry booklet, edit your magazine, type up your mss, do your research, answer questions…… whatever. Ask me!

Email me once and I will be kind and merely mark your message as spam. Email me twice and anything more from you will automatically get deleted before I see it. Is that clear?