Wot I Did on my (Non)Hols….

….I completely redesigned the front end of this website. I spent a couple of days beforehand cruising around web-designers’ websites, putting myself in the place of a potential customer and noting what worked and what didn’t (tip no.1: don’t boast about how your sites are correctly coded and conform to web standards, and how your competitors’ sites are badly coded – potential customers aren’t interested in coding and don’t know HTML from HMV, otherwise they would be building their own websites; tip no. 2: remember that you’re a designer and that “the medium is the message” – in other words, don’t just rely on words but use the whole look and feel of your site to advertise your skills; tip no. 3: proof-read your copy!) It now looks a whole lot better, much more “web 2.0” and definitely more eye-catching.
…..I’m busy transferring the contents of the Oakleaf Circle site into WordPress – it’s a wearingly tedious and lengthy job, but updating it in future will mean quite a bit less work to do.
….I’m almost ready to launch Astro*Diary. The site’s not up yet, but it only needs a few more hours work. It’s now online.

Oh, and we sold our old Citroen and have just bought another car. It’s not here yet – it’s down in Preston, so B will be getting on the coach tomorrow morning to go and collect it.

And I’ve joined Facebook properly – I’m finding it very useful for keeping in touch with the kids. I’ve also joined Twitter, and using it to write short poetry (I’m on my real name there, so you can go and look).

And that’s about it….