Monthly Archives: April 2008

Thought For The Day….

From the comments thread on Slacktavist: I’ve always asserted the great dividing line in religions is not between monotheism and polytheism, but between the attitude of “please god(s) go away and don’t hurt me” and “hi god(s) sit down next to me and have a beer.” – Hapax Discuss.

The Devil came to Jersey……

In February / March, the newspapers were full of horrified speculation about the uncovering of decades of abuse at the Haut de la Garenne childrens’ home, with former residents telling their stories of brutality and rape ther. There were even bodies buried there, said some. Police started digging, a dog trained to sniff out cadavers … Continue reading The Devil came to Jersey……

Match It For Pratchett!

When PTerry announced that he was giving £500,000 to the Alzheimers Research Trust, fans decided that they would match his donation, getting500,000 people to give £1 each. So they launched Match It For Pratchett. As of yesterday, they’ve already raised almost £50,000. Keep going!