Hot From….

….the laptop. Yes, I’m blogging from my laptop!
Not actually from choice, though. My monitor finally died last week; I hooked the desktop PC into B’s gigantic 21″ monster (since he didn’t have any immediate work to do), and everything worked fine for a day…
The, I started getting reboots, frazzled screens and an error message about “invalid frequency rate”. As far as I could tell (searching inbetween involuntary reboots), that meant the monitor’s refresh rate was incompatible with my hardware; moreover, any prolonged use would do actual damage. So that nessessitated an panicky switch-off, and a switch to the laptop.
Which is adequate, but only just. The tiny amount of memory makes things extremely slow, and trying to have my usual six dozen browser windows open at once, plus five programs running in the background, results in a freeze. And of course, there’s no hope of installing and running my usual DTP and web-editing programs. Plus, the network receiver won’t always connect,` the tiny keyboard is driving me [pootttyu and I cannot get used to working with a trackpad.
But we’re going off to take charge of a couple of monitors this afternoon; chez Val (the computers part of it, anyway) should be normal by tonight.