Monthly Archives: October 2006

Fed up…

Been struggling for the last three hours to get the new design for the Oakleaf Circle site cross-browser compatible. Which means making it look right in IE6, as well as Firefix and Opera. M$, of course, have their own bowser standards that don’t nessessarily coincide with those of other browsers. Which means that only the … Continue reading Fed up…

Decided I’m probably going to dump the Amazon ads in the very near future. I’ve been using them on several sites for going on three years, putting their affliate link in the code whenever I mention a book or a film, and they’ve earned me the huge sum of £12.88 – in total. That’s not … Continue reading


I believe that is the correct expression to describe the emotion of joyful satisfaction, whilst using this type of electronic media communication thingy. Anyway, I have now got my computer up and running. Turned out the motherboard is perfectly OK. What was causing everything to stop was some incompatibility between the board and Win98. Basically, … Continue reading wO0t!


I have spent the entire afternoon putting my computer back together and trying to make it work. And it doesn’t. To recap: a year ago, I bought a new motherboard. This worked fine for a few weeks, then showed signs of failure. I took it back to the shop, who told me the fault was … Continue reading Aaarrrgghhh!!